[FiveM] Route894 Information[English]




Route894 and 沖縄食堂(Okinawa Shokudo) is combining and it’s gonna be 沖縄食堂 酷道894号本店. That is why, You can’t join Route894.


Route894 is a FiveM Server to enjoy driving. (Drift and Grip)

Admin is me, I’m HachiQ4.(Japanese)

You can get a car from over 60 moded vehicles and you can drive in custom maps.

Open the pause menu, then you can see these positions.

I created the server on Aug 10,2017, so the modification is not enough.

I’ll continue to work for improvement.



  • Read announces on the disclaimer.
  • Don’t bother to other players.
  • Use Japanese or English on chat.
  • Don’t be a bloody scumbag.
  • Don’t kill any players.
  • Enjoy!


Vehicle List

You need my meta files for Replace vehicles modifications.

Replace list

 Spawn NameVehicle NameSpawn NameVehicle Name
 adderBugatti Chironkuruma2Lancer Evolution VII
bansheeRX-7 FD3S -tunablemassacro2TOYOTA Supra
blista2HONDA Civic EG6 stance ninefFerrari 458 Spider
buffalo2WRX STI CRB -tunable ninef2Mitsubishi Eclipse
bulletFord GT C63 AMG ruinerBMW M4
carbonizzareLambo Huracan sultanGT-R(R33) -tunable
cheetahLexus LFA sultanrsNissan Silvia S15 -tunable
comet2Cayman MX-5 -tunable suranoJaguar F-type
coquette3 Classic 911 t20McLaren P1 -tunable
elegy2GT-R(R32) -tunable zionWRX STI GVB
exemplerTOYOTA Camry fq2GT-R(R34) nismo
felonWRX STI RallyingotTOYOTA Probox cambered
felon2Infiniti G35blistaFord Fiesta RocketBunny
futoTOYOTA 86 -tunablewarrenerSkyline 2000GT Hakosuka
gauntletBMW M5 E39cascoDevil Z S30
jackalWRX STI GDB -tunabletailgaterJZX100 Chaser -tunable
jb700Aston Martin DB5fusiladeSilvia S14 -tunable
kurumaLancer Evolution IXfeltzer2VailSide RX-7
furoregtAcura Integra JDMreginaSubaru Legacy wagon BG5
le7bAudi R15 TDI


Add-On list – Drift handling

Spawn NameVehicle NameSpawn NameVehicle Name
gtrGT-R(R35) -tunable180sxNissan 180SX -tunable
nsx4HONDA NSX-Rae86AE86  -tunable
supra2TOYOTA Supra -tunableap2HONDA S2000 -tunable
s15texS15 drift -tunablemrtwoMR2 SW20 -tunable
silvia3NIssan S14 -tunableevo10LancerEvolutionX -tunable
ns13NIssan S13 -tunablemurlagolbmsMurcielago -tunable
rcfLexus RCF -tunabler8lbAudi R8 Liverty Walk -tunable
skylineGT-R(R34)brzBRZ RocketBunny -tunable
fc3sRX-7 FC3S -tunable


I use this handling.

Add-On – Normal Handling(for Grip)

Spawn NameVehicle NameSpawn NameVehicle Name
amggt3AMG GT3 -tunablecx75Jaguar C-X75
911gt3r911 GT3R -tunablemossSLR Stirling Moss
r8lmsR8 LMS -tunablespykerSpyker C8
gtrgt3GT-R GT3vulcanAston Martin Vulcan
rmp4MP4 GT3c7rChevrolet C7R
rmodlp750Aventador -tunable murlagolbMurcielago -tunable
lc500Lexus LC500f1F1 2011 -livery
tofuTOYOTA AE86jgtc34JGTC GT-R R34 -livery
chargerDodge ChargerzrPagani Zonda R -livery
supragtJGTC SupraGT -liverynsxgtJGTC NSX GT -livery


Vehicle Images


Use Lambda Menu(F4) to teleport  a map.

  • Akina Touge
  • Akagi Touge
  • Usui Touge
  • Nordschleife Circuit
  • Gokart Track
  • Meihan Circuit
  • Okutama
  • Fern Bay Racetrack
  • Ebisu Minami (Special thanks to CrackHead)

They has blips on the pause map.

Fern Bay Racetrack

[FiveM] Fern Bay Racetrack Drift/Grip/Rally[Route894]

Ebisu Minami

[FiveM]二週間ぶりのドリフト練習 Ebisu Minami [Route894]

MOD MENU(Mello Trainer)

Route894 is installed a MOD MENU.

(but I recommend you use Lambda Menu)

F6Open/Close the trainer
Arrow KeysMove up,down,left, and right respectively.
EnterSelect the current trainer option
BackspaceGo back to the previous menu



/dvdelete a vehicle
/adminshow your status
/spectate[ID]spectate other player (ex:/spectate 1) 
/spectatefinish a spectate


Are you an admin?

[cspasswordcode password=”55Eldred”]
/slay [ID]kill a player
/slap [ID]slap a player
/freeeze [ID]freeze a player
/kick [ID][reason]kick a player
/bring [ID]bring a player to your position
/goto [ID]teleport to a player


Don’t abuse these commands.


Emotes Menu

You can open the emotes menu.(press “K”)


Meters are shown when you ride a vehicle.

and you can see more details of your car.

images from here

How To Join

Launch FiveM and search “Route894”.

but, it’s not running 24 hours.



You need this files for working all of the vehicles.


Lambda Menu

NaturalVision Remastered

Dust and Burnout + Fire textures

Logo files

If you want to use a logo in your video, download the file here.