[FiveM] Route894 Information[English]



Route894 and 沖縄食堂(Okinawa Shokudo) is combining and it’s gonna be 沖縄食堂 酷道894号本店. That is why, You can’t join Route894.


Route894 is a FiveM Server to enjoy driving. (Drift and Grip)

Admin is me, I’m HachiQ4.(Japanese)

You can get a car from over 60 moded vehicles and you can drive in custom maps.

Open the pause menu, then you can see these positions.

I created the server on Aug 10,2017, so the modification is not enough.

I’ll continue to work for improvement.



  • Read announces on the disclaimer.
  • Don’t bother to other players.
  • Use Japanese or English on chat.
  • Don’t be a bloody scumbag.
  • Don’t kill any players.
  • Enjoy!


Vehicle List

You need my meta files for Replace vehicles modifications.

Replace list

 Spawn NameVehicle NameSpawn NameVehicle Name
 adderBugatti Chironkuruma2Lancer Evolution VII
bansheeRX-7 FD3S -tunablemassacro2TOYOTA Supra
blista2HONDA Civic EG6 stance ninefFerrari 458 Spider
buffalo2WRX STI CRB -tunable ninef2Mitsubishi Eclipse
bulletFord GT C63 AMG ruinerBMW M4
carbonizzareLambo Huracan sultanGT-R(R33) -tunable
cheetahLexus LFA sultanrsNissan Silvia S15 -tunable
comet2Cayman MX-5 -tunable suranoJaguar F-type
coquette3 Classic 911 t20McLaren P1 -tunable
elegy2GT-R(R32) -tunable zionWRX STI GVB
exemplerTOYOTA Camry fq2GT-R(R34) nismo
felonWRX STI RallyingotTOYOTA Probox cambered
felon2Infiniti G35blistaFord Fiesta RocketBunny
futoTOYOTA 86 -tunablewarrenerSkyline 2000GT Hakosuka
gauntletBMW M5 E39cascoDevil Z S30
jackalWRX STI GDB -tunabletailgaterJZX100 Chaser -tunable
jb700Aston Martin DB5fusiladeSilvia S14 -tunable
kurumaLancer Evolution IXfeltzer2VailSide RX-7
furoregtAcura Integra JDMreginaSubaru Legacy wagon BG5
le7bAudi R15 TDI

Add-On list – Drift handling

Spawn NameVehicle NameSpawn NameVehicle Name
gtrGT-R(R35) -tunable180sxNissan 180SX -tunable
nsx4HONDA NSX-Rae86AE86  -tunable
supra2TOYOTA Supra -tunableap2HONDA S2000 -tunable
s15texS15 drift -tunablemrtwoMR2 SW20 -tunable
silvia3NIssan S14 -tunableevo10LancerEvolutionX -tunable
ns13NIssan S13 -tunablemurlagolbmsMurcielago -tunable
rcfLexus RCF -tunabler8lbAudi R8 Liverty Walk -tunable
skylineGT-R(R34)brzBRZ RocketBunny -tunable
fc3sRX-7 FC3S -tunable

I use this handling.

Add-On – Normal Handling(for Grip)

Spawn NameVehicle NameSpawn NameVehicle Name
amggt3AMG GT3 -tunablecx75Jaguar C-X75
911gt3r911 GT3R -tunablemossSLR Stirling Moss
r8lmsR8 LMS -tunablespykerSpyker C8
gtrgt3GT-R GT3vulcanAston Martin Vulcan
rmp4MP4 GT3c7rChevrolet C7R
rmodlp750Aventador -tunable murlagolbMurcielago -tunable
lc500Lexus LC500f1F1 2011 -livery
tofuTOYOTA AE86jgtc34JGTC GT-R R34 -livery
chargerDodge ChargerzrPagani Zonda R -livery
supragtJGTC SupraGT -liverynsxgtJGTC NSX GT -livery

Vehicle Images


Use Lambda Menu(F4) to teleport  a map.

  • Akina Touge
  • Akagi Touge
  • Usui Touge
  • Nordschleife Circuit
  • Gokart Track
  • Meihan Circuit
  • Okutama
  • Fern Bay Racetrack
  • Ebisu Minami (Special thanks to CrackHead)

They has blips on the pause map.

Ebisu Minami

[FiveM]二週間ぶりのドリフト練習 Ebisu Minami [Route894]

MOD MENU(Mello Trainer)

Route894 is installed a MOD MENU.

(but I recommend you use Lambda Menu)

F6Open/Close the trainer
Arrow KeysMove up,down,left, and right respectively.
EnterSelect the current trainer option